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Alyce - Fallout 3 OC (Ver 1.1.1)
Full name: Alyce
Nickname: By Three Dog: Messiah, Vault Gal, 101
Gender: Female
Species: Human mutant
Age: 19
Karma: Very good
Perks: Nuclear Anomally, Cyborg, Robotics Expert, ETC
Nationality: American
Religion: Scientology
Languages spoken: English, Chinese, Russian
Relationship Status: Not in a relationship yet.
Shape and build: Humanoid, Slim
Hair color: Redhead
Hairstyle: Wendy the Welder (Changes from time to time)
Eye color: Green
Tattoos/piercing: Fallout Symbol on Neck
Distinguishing marks: None Known
describe his/her outfit: Wasteland Docter Fatigues, which consists of jeans, a white tanktop, and eyeglasses.
dose he/she use Drug drink or smoke: Only uses Rad-X on an important basis.
Addictions: None known
Any physical/medical conditions: Can't think of any yet.
Personality: Very passionate about science and related, her brilliance is equal to her compassion, courage, and optemism. Her confidence and sense of humor are what really keeps her going in the toughest of times, but
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 3 2
Daikatana Review
Last time, I wanted to give my opinion on Saints Row IV, an interesting-looking game that could turn out to be a disaster, putting it in the same category as games like Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever and Sonic Next Gen.
Today I'm going to review one of those games. Now, John Romero, creator of the revolutionary DOOM franchise, had resigned from Id Software somewhere in the late 90s. And from there, he had established Ion Storm Inc. alongside fellow Id employee Tom Hall. And we all know the result; an overhyped video game with the infamous egocentric advertisement: "John Romero is going to make you his bitch. Suck it down." I speak, of course, of Daikatana. Obviously, you already have an idea of what I'm about to get into. This was the game that established my distrust for supposedly revolutionary video games. Now, this was originally intended for the first Quake Engine, but Romero later decided to say "Fuck all that," and switch with the Quake II engine, causing a bunch of frustrated de
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Review
Last time, I wanted to give my opinion on Saints Row IV, an interesting-looking game that could turn out to be a disaster, putting it in the same category as games like Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever and Sonic Next Gen.
But now, let's take a look at something so bad, so atrocious, so mindblowingly rushed, unfinished and blatent... that it's just awesome! I speak, of course, of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing! Stellar Stone, the company behind the making of Taxi Racer and this game is stationed somewhere in North America, not exactly sure where. Oh, almost forgot, while the company is in America, the DEVELOPERS were actually in the European countries of Ukraine and Russia. Now why the fuck would they do that? Isn't it obvious? So they could make their games at a very low budget. And the cost of making this game is... you want to guess? $15,000 dollars. Now, $15,000 may not seem like too little, but in comparison to other games that is barely any budget. And it shows; they didn't even try!
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 2
Saints Row IV: My thoughts
My thoughts on Saints Row IV
For quite a while now, there's been a plenty of hype for the final sequel to one of my favorite XBOX 360 franchises, Saints Row IV. The game takes place in SteelPort once again, which has become your Protagonist's base of operations as the U.S. President... wait, scratch that. From what I've gathered, it actually takes place in a virtual SteelPort created by the Zin, a race of aliens. (Invader Zim, anyone?) What? A virtual SteelPort? Sounds somewhat like Superman 64. Speaking of which, while others are really anticipating this game's release, I am very skeptical about its quality. Yes, the idea of your character being the president seems pretty awesome and the other features I've heard rumors about sound impressive, but I'll explain why I'm a bit nervous about this game being a flop in just a bit. What I love about the Saints Row series - especially The Third - is the fact that it's like Grand Theft Auto, but a lot less realistic. It's crazy, comical, and b
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0
Silent Hill OC
Name: Adam Arkham
Nickname: Unknown
Meaning of name: Adam: Of the red earth/Surname unknown
Origin of name: Reference to Bible character.
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Blood type: AB
Nationality: American
Current status: Single
Police/Criminal/Legal record: Clean
Birth place: Pierre, South Dakota
Current residence: Augusta, Maine
Occupation: None
Talents/Skills/Powers: Powerful connection to the Angel of Death, Azrael. Shortly after arriving at Silent Hill, where the voice within him had told him to go, his right hand had manifested into red claws, which could be molded into a scythe.
Past History
First Memory: Saving his sister from falling to death during a vacation at the Black Hills
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: At their coming of age party, the two suddenly fell prey to a strange illness and had to be hospitalized.
Why/How? Three days later, his beloved sister had spontaniously disappeared.
Backstory: Born and raised in Pierre, the capital of South Dakot
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 3 6
DSR Villian Summary: Greed
As his name implies, he's probably the most self centered of all the Chosen. Almost his entire body is covered in gold semiconductors, making him more heat resistant.
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0
Dead Space Retribution Villian Summary: Envy
A cranky, small, high pitched Chosen of Altman. Little more than a small Necromorph head on spider legs, he is comicailly easy to kill, as a shot from a high powered Plasma Cutter is all that's required to kill him. It's no surprise that he hates his form.
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 0 0
DSR Villian Summary: Rage *Spoilers*
Summary: By far the most aggresive of the self-proclaimed Chosen of Altman. A vile atrocity who is as fast as he is ferious, his prime weakness is his overconfidence and scalding heats or freezing colds. A four legged, demotic, doglike demon who speaks in growls and roars.
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 0 0
DSR: Villian Summary: Pride *spoilers*
The resurrected form of Unitologist high priest Karl Kane. Proclaiming himself superior to the rest of his Necromorphic cohorts, his prime weakness is no doubt his arrogence itself, and, like most of the other Chosen of Altman, extreme tempuratures. He has the ability to control electricity, fire, ice, even wind. He also has telekenetic potential over metal and stone. He retains his human form, but with a hideous exposed heart, and he speaks as though he did in life; with pride.
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 0 0
Dead Space Retribution part 11 *Spoilers*
After removing Lust and her duplicates disguised as Niru Kitsune as a threat, Alex returned to his ship and re-established communications, sending a distress signal to the USG Kigen, a CEC vessel.
Alex: Attention, all surviving crewmembers, USG Kigen is en route to our position. Prepare for backup, I repeat, prepare for emergency backup.
The once-glorious USG Ishimura, biggest PlanetCracker in her class, had made a grave mistake in extracting the Red Marker, the artifact that had kept the threat that had eventually came to be known as the Necromorphs within Agies VII. And for their sins, humanity paid the price. The former CEC Pride and Glory, now a Necromorph Symbol of Terror; it's very prescence, even it's very name strikes horror into the hearts of humanity, as it does that of Alexander Jason Clarke. Who knows what depraved souls Charon's ferry carries across the River Styx? Who knows what outlandish beings the Ishimura carries? They were going to need as much help as they could get
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 0 0
Dead Space Retribution Part 9
With his newfound abilities, Alex began cutting up all Necromorphs that stood in the way of saving his planet and all others. What was The Voice talking about when it said that he needed Alex? Was this power the result of the Marker? Regardless, Alex had one mission: To destroy the Marker; to save his friends and family.
Headed to the saferoom where his allies were holed up and protecting the little girl at the same time, Alex began feeling totally uneasy. After placing her in the saferoom with the others and telling her not to open the door until he says so, he hears Abe's voice calling him.
Abe's voice: You've grown soft, Alex.
Shaking it off, Alex heads twoard the Life Support bay. Along the way, no Necros. Curious...
Life Support bay
Just as he thought; the system was busted up pretty badly.
Alex: ALICE, analyze.
ALICE: Right, of course, sir... Master, The damages are highly unstable. Auto repair circuits disconnected. Must be repaired in order to stabilize life support. Further da
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 3
Dead Space Retribution Part 8: Silence
Alex POV
Alex: ALICE, what's the status on the rest of the ship?
ALICE: Scanning… Engines: Critical; Life Support: 27%; Long-range Communications: offline; Radar system: Ripped to shreds. Main control bridge, overrun.
Alex: Reassuring… Contact Abe, will ya?
Abe: (Communicator) Alex, what's our next course of action?
Alex: We need to head to the Life Support before it collapses and depressurizes the entire ship. Head to LS control and I'll join up with you after I check up on the others.
Abe: Understood, Commander. Good luck.
Right after his conversation with Abe, Alex was near strangled to death by a Unitologist, but the Unitologist was knocked out and placed in a saferoom.
Alex: (To himself) Looks like some of the Unitologists have made it aboard our ship. I have to make sure no one dies here, not even those basterd Unis.
Then a strong pain went into Alex's eyes and he collapsed in pain. The next thing he perceived was his Saya… standing over a cliff. He knew he was hal
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0
Dead Space: Retribution Part 7 - Indigestion
Armory (POV: Abe)
Abe: Gluttony!! *Starts running*
Gluttony: MUEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!! C'mere, you chicken! You tasty, salty, meaty little chicken!
Abe: (Thinks to himself) I gotta find a way to take down this basterd once and for all. Let's hope the incinerator still works. (To Gluttony) Hey, basterd! You're one UGLY muthafucker!
Gluttony: Flattery will get you nowhere!
Abe runs his way to the garbage disposal unit as Gluttony continues tearing down all obsticles in his path. Eventually, he reached the main furnace, which was in ZeroG
ALICE: Entering Zero Gravity
Abe: Gotta find a way to reactivate the gravity so that this'll work.
He had to find a way to distract him long enough to hack into the terminal controlling the Gravity. His limbs instantly regenerated and his fat absorbed the blasts of stasis from his stasis module. Any door that got in his way were torn down! So he eventually planned to use his weight against him. He stood near a wall and tried tem
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 2 17
Dead Space OC Abriham
Full Name: Abriham Enrico Leonard
Age: 52
Birth: October 31
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5"8'
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Buzz cut.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Hispanic
Motives: Level-headed with a strong sense of honor. Former unitologist priest.
Likes: Alex Clarke, USM Salvation
Dislikes: Unitologists, the Marker
Features: Facially disfigurated
Armor: Military Class Armor
Weapon: Pulse Rifle
Education: Unknown
Family: Alex Clarke ("Blood Brother")
B.I.O: One of Alex's closest childhood friends, Abe spent much of his time in college studying law, and at a later age, became a colonist PSec officer in Ageis VII. Though Alex became a miner, he and Abe remained close. The Necromorph invasion of the Ishimuira only made them closer; in a struggle between life and death, there was seemingly no hope for him. But his friend, Alex managed to save him from total ahnialation. Swearing a lifedebt to him, he would seven years later fulfil that debt by becoming his liutenant of his ship, the US
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 0 4
Dead Space Retribution Part 6: Insecure
With the auto turret defense system malfunctioning, the crew was defenseless, and with Alex's top priority to save the crew, he headed for the mainframe.
Alex: ALICE, display the damage on the auto-defense mainframe.
Communicator (ALICE): Analyzing... damage integrity: 75%. Most of it has been acidically coroded. Auto repair offline.
Alex: Can you show me the security recording?
ALICE: Affermative. Recording shows that the mainframe was torn apart and the auto repair was deactivated by a single Necromorph. Estimated weight: 2 metric tons.
Alex: Gluttony... how recently was that recorded?
ALICE: Footage recorded about 23 minutes ago.
Alex: That was before the ship was infiltrated. Better expect company.
Alex makes his way into closer and closer to the defense mainframe, fighting off any and all Necros in his path. The second he reached it, everything went dark.
Alex: Damn, this is gonna get redundant! ALICE, can you hear me?
RIG Communicator (ALICE) : Master, Analisis confirms that the
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0
Dead Space Retribution Part 5: Survival
USM Salvation.
Alex: Our current priorities are to restore control of the ship and the crew. Afterwords, we should find a way to apprehend and kill Gluttony. We'll also have to destroy the Marker on the Colony.
Abe: It won't be easy. One Marker alone could wipe out an entire planet of sentiant life. We've already seen what it did to the Ishimura and Sprawl.
Saya: And what it may do to the ship.
Alex: Abe, secure the armory; we'll need as many weapons as possible if we're gonna make it out of this shithole.
Abe: Yes, sir.
Alex: Saya, I need your help in securing the soldiers.
Saya: Okay.
Abe: Good luck, Commander.
And, the two went their seperate paths.
Alex: Something wrong, Saya-Chan?
Saya: I'm worried about the others.
Alex: It's arright, I not gonna let them die. ALICE, Come in, ALICE.
ALICE (Advanced Luxary Initializer and Central Emancipator), is the AI of the USM Salvation that controls all systems on the ship. Without her, ship control would be limited.
ALICE: Yes, master.
:iconwilliemanga:WillieManga 1 0


This is indeed terrifying, it kind of reminds me of Silent Hill, the description in particular. A feel of dread, and a sense of... well...

I just very recently saved up enough to buy a Wii U. And I can safely say it is an underrated gem. The graphics truly feel refined, the gamepad idea is surprisingly entertaining, and Bayonetta 2 is definately one of the best games I have played in the current generation. Wii U owners, let me know what games you would recommend, as I will be renting Smash Bros.
And I also found out Nintendo is actually making a new system already. This Nintendo NX is hyped to be the most advanced console to kickstart the next generation. If this is anything to go by, Microsoft doesn't stand a chance. What I want out of this system is a controller that is advanced but still easy enough to handle.



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